Mar 21, 2019 · No wonder Loki liked wearing this thing; it made you feel badass. If you had a wig styled exactly as Loki’s, then it would be perfect. But since the helmet was too big, it did not stay on very long when you left your room and walked through the apartment; it was annoying having to keep one hand raised to make sure it didn’t fall.. Weird - Loki x Reader. You stumbled into your bedroom in the Avengers tower, your feet aching and your vision blurred by exhaustion. Tony’s party was still going on downstairs but it was 2am and you were fed up of watching out for him. Flicking on. 1. Fright Night. Loki had been feeling mischievous as he did often. His green eyes scanned the group of Avengers that he had come to live with to see who would be his next victim. There were people that he did not want to anger, Bruce Banner being one of them but there were others that were too easily angered, such as Director Fury. pairing: Loki x reader. summary: you have a nightmare, and when you go to make yourself a cup of tea Loki surprises you in the kitchen. he offers some help. warnings: none. Sweat beads dripped down your face and your neck as you shot your head up and let out a strained scream. Your latest nightmare was more vivid than the regular ones you were .... Loki X Reader. Have a good one. 6,110 likes · 5 talking about this. Intelligent Speaker: FREE smart reader, runs on leading tts engine. Avengers X Kidnapped Daughter Reader. Loki X Suicidal!Reader: Broken (One-Shot!) Loki, The God of Mischief had been staying with you for about six months now.. Or so you think Pairing: Loki x Reader . Sweet nightmares - Steve Rogers x Reader ; One-Shot Summary: The avengers come face to face with the most notorious serial killer in America since the 1940s but to their surprise this isn’t the first time Steve has tangled with the femme fatale wait a minute Mr wait a minute Mr. OK WOW, thank you all. Weird - Loki x Reader. You stumbled into your bedroom in the Avengers tower, your feet aching and your vision blurred by exhaustion. Tony’s party was still going on downstairs but it was 2am and you were fed up of watching out for. Some time ago I asked for some fluff prompts :) @potato-dragons suggested: Love at first sight?The moment Loki sees reader for the first time he falls in love. @does-it-matter129 suggested: maybe they’re at a ball, dancing and having a good time (like in that one scene in Crimson Peak) before Loki asks is she would mind leaving to go get some fresh air??. Meknes | Fes; OZYL أيام الهمزة مفتوحة عند محلات ; texas highways travel guide. Search: Loki X Depressed Reader. key to your heart: since I've been depressed, and I still kinda am, the key to my heart is love Summary: The Avengers return to the compound after a difficult mission to find their friend (Y/N) has a hidden talent I do not own an #asgard #avengers #loki #lokixreader #readerinsert #thor Word Count: 495 Atleast 7 runs are needed to get the whole set of him. It’s a Bucky x Reader and Zemo (platonic) x Reader thing // If you wanna reach and squint maybe it can be romantic, but I don't think lol. Abrupt end. my focus was only a scenario where Bucky is jealous of Zemo. I like drama. Word count: 2925. Darling. It wasn’t that (f/n) was always so guarded that people would assume she was jaded. "/> Loki x reader fluff one shots
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